Services Offered

Timber Sales

Peter will handle every phase of selling timber for the landowner. This includes the marking of sale trees and boundary lines, contacting prospective buyers and receiving their bids, writing contracts and securing permits, and overseeing the harvest and clean-up of the property.

Timber Assessment

This is the valuation of timber on the land by “cruising” (counting and measuring every saleable tree).

Timber Stand Improvement

Peter will improve the quality of a stand of timber by cutting out by chainsaw all the undesireable or sick trees, freeing up growing space for the valuable hardwoods that remain.

EQIP Plans

The Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) provides government money to subsidize the landowner’s having a management plan professionally written and implemented. Peter can walk you through the application process.

480-a Tax Plans

This is a New York State tax code that grants large property tax savings (up to 80%) for landowners willing to commit to long-term management of their woodlot. Peter can help you decide if enrolling is the right decision for you, and can complete all the necessary field and paper work.